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The Art of Choosing Yourself

February 26, 2021

No stranger to life’s heartache and delight, Alicia Morrow has successfully navigated sickness and pain, violation and betrayal, disordered eating and addictions, a traumatic birth, near-death experience, and the intense health challenges thereafter, a painful divorce… and knows what it’s like to rebuild, celebrate, and trust life in the aftermath of it all. 


She is a visionary, coach, speaker, writer, rebel spirit, mother and artist. She has been in the world of healing, coaching and transformation for more than 20 years. She is an expert at holding deep, sacred, loving spaces for her clients where nothing is too big, too scary, or too taboo to redeem and transform.


Her highly intuitive and groundbreaking thought leadership helps women resurrect their confidence, regain their health, reshape their careers, reclaim their beauty and rebuild their lives from a place of wholeness, passion and power.


Listen to Mary Jo discussing her personal journey and what inspired her book "The Art Of Choosing Yourself" which discusses the lives of 12 women and their stories of struggle to find empowerment, and where they can be loving but not overgiving, appreciate life and contribute from that place of high self-esteem.